Get Lost & Be Found: Work with Victoria to Live as YOUR Truest Self
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Are you

ready to embark on your own road trip to your truest self?

"So how do we get to this place of being lost enough to start becoming found? Well, that’s why it’s called the Way of Being Lost. You can’t plan it. It just happens—usually when you least expect it. When it does, you realize that there really is only one way to go: forward into the seemingly complete unknown where we finally, and seemingly miraculously, discover the courage to hear what we have been too terrified to admit: I am lost.
From there—from that place that none of us ever aspires to be, but which we will come to discover is the hopeful and healing embarkation point for all fundamental transformation—the rubber finally meets the road. At last, we find ourselves on the beautiful but bumpy, healing but hard, radical but redemptive Way of Being Lost."
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Do you

want to begin to live your best life as your truest self?

We all long to live life as our truest selves -- to show up to ourselves, to those we love, and to the planet in lovingkindness and in ways that make a difference. Yet sometimes it takes being willing to admit we have lost ourselves in order to really commit to changing our lives.

We have to get lost to be found!

Are you ready to get lost to be found?

If so, now you can work with Victoria Price in a variety of ways to create your best life and uncover your hidden truest self.


Do you feel that you are not living your best life as your truest self? Do you feel that there is something you can't quite name that feels just out of reach -- blocked by your old stories and limiting habits?

In one-on-one coaching sessions with Victoria, you can work on creating a daily practice that can help shift you out of the litany of limitation blocking your way.

From twenty minute check-ins to a block of coaching sessions, Victoria can work with you in person or via Skype or telephone to help you live your life as your truest self.

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  • Do you feel as though you are always working and never getting where you hope to go? 

  • Do you feel as though your job has robbed you of your joy?

  • Do you dream of becoming an entrepreneur, but feel overwhelmed by all the fear keeping you stuck doing something you don't love?

  • Or are you an entrepreneur/workaholic who has lost your mojo and your passion?

Welcome to The Way of Being Lost.

As an entrepreneur for over thirty years, Victoria has been through it all, and can help you create a new model for your work and business life -- by helping you release all the life-limiting narratives holding you back and implementing new ways of working for your future. 

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Check back here in the coming weeks for information about in-person workshops and online webinars Victoria will be offering in 2018.


As an interfaith/interspiritual minister, Victoria performs weddings, funerals, memorial services, baby namings, house & business blessings, and many other types of rituals.

For more information about Victoria's weddings, ceremonies, and rituals, please visit RED SHOES MINISTRY.

Victoria Price