Iā€™m thrilled to be a walking Ambassadors for EVERWALK!

EverWalk is the biggest walking initiative in America, founded by Endurance Maverick Diana Nyad.

Diana Nyad never gave up, over 35 grueling years, 5 life-and-death attempts, to finally become the first individual in history to swim the 110.86 miles between Havana and Key West. Bonnie Stoll served as the intrepid expedition leader of the Cuba Swim. Diana and Bonnie now turn their belief in Epic spirit toward EverWalk. They aim to inspire a million people to get up, get out into the magnificent outdoors.

Leave your screens. Talk with each other. Discover your town. Adventure through new corridors. Let the vast blue sky galvanize you to dream -- and together turn America into an EverWalk NATION!

On the First Saturday of each month, I will lead an EverWalk wherever I am on the road. I have led walks in Cleveland OH, Portland OR, Santa Fe NM, Albuquerque NM, and Paris France! Please check in on this page to find out where I will be leading upcoming walks.

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For more information about EverWalk or to get tips on preparing for this walk, please visit EVERWALK